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ATLAS is a pharmaceutical and veterinarian institution joining together all veterinarian pharmaceutical trades: development, manufacture and distribution of veterinarian medicines (anti-parasitic, anti-infectious, additives, supplements, vitamins and vaccines,  …).
Since its creation in 1998, Atlas Veterinary has invested heavily in development of the local pharmaceutical industry via strict adherence to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GDP (Good Distribution Practices) standards. To this end Atlas veterinary has built a plant provided with cutting edge technology to guarantee the manufacture and production according to current international standards basing its activities on the competency of a team of experts: veterinarians, pharmacists, chemists, and management, trade and financial specialists. With the objective of providing domestic and international animal health specialists with medicines the quality of which meets their most stringent needs to contribute to struggle against animal pathologies at attractive and competitive prices Built on a surface area of 5000 m2, the covered manufacturing unit of 2400 m2 comprises a department for liquid forms, another one for dry forms as well as annexes consisting of storerooms, air conditioning units and maintenance workshops.

The Pharmaceutical Products

The pharmaceutical specialties produced or distributed by ATLAS VETERINAIRE are medicines in the form of vaccines, solutions, suspensions, gels, and powders. They cover all therapeutic classes, in particular: antiparasitics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, vitamins, anticoccidials, vaccines, and nutritional additives.

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality of our products undeniably involves the implementation of both material and human resources at the level of the quality control laboratory of our manufacturing unit. To this end, a qualified team works daily to ensure strict and rigorous monitoring of all manufacturing stages from receipt of the raw material to the release of the finished product.

The company has sufficient and competent human resources for the accomplishment of its missions and in all its fields of activity (development, manufacturing, distribution;). It has thus set up a qualification and continuous training program for its staff, both internally and externally.

Since its creation, Atlas Vétérinaire has opted for quality by setting up a quality assurance system with adequate human and material resources.
The objective is to bring all of its activities into compliance with standards and regulations (GMP; BPD; GLP; VICH, etc.); to know :
• - Manufacturing (manufacturing process; validation; control, etc.);
• - Document management;
• - Human resources management ;
• - Management of equipment and premises (qualification, calibration, maintenance);
• - Inventory management and distribution.
In order to guarantee continuous improvement to its quality management system, ATLAS VETERINAIRE has chosen to implement the ISO 9001 version 2015 standard in addition to GMP standards, and an internal audit and self-inspection program has been implemented. implemented with rigorous monitoring. And the company obtained this certification in accordance with ISO 9001 version 2015, the month 07/2021, and successfully passed its follow-up audit on 08/2022 carried out by IMANOR.

Thanks to these considerable efforts and following professional audits, the National Competent Authorities (Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health) have awarded, since July 2009, the certification "Good Manufacturing Practices" to the Atlas Veterinary Company.


ATLAS VETERINAIRE is a Moroccan pharmaceutical and veterinarian institution joining together all veterinarian pharmaceutical trades: development, manufacture and distribution of veterinarian medicines (anti-parasitic, anti infectious, additives, supplements, vitamins and vaccines,
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