Director's Word

A pharmaceutical and veterinarian institution Atlas Vétérinaire is a Moroccan laboratory for the manufacture and distribution a veterinarian medicines.
Since its inception Atlas Vétérinaire has focused on the mobilization of all the requisite means for meeting the challenge of providing high quality medicines adapted to local eco-epidemiological conditions

In this way its global commitment to adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices has led to «BPF », by the Competent National Authorities.

The objectives of Atlas Vétérinaire, in the framework of promotion to the development of animal production in full adherence to sanitary, environmental and public veterinary health standards are and shall remain the satisfaction of our veterinarian partners by making available increasing high quality therapeutic tools.

Created in 1998, Atlas Vétérinaire is located at Bouskoura over a total surface area of 5000m² including 2400m² covered space. It has 50 staff members supervised by 14 top managers (veterinarians, pharmacists, administrators, technicians, etc.).  Its current equipment, logistics and infrastructures allow it to meet the requirement of its customers under the very best conditions.

Constantly striving for continuous improvement, Atlas Vétérinaire is geared to greater diversification and innovation while remaining permanently at the service and always ready to listen to its customers.

It is in this framework that this website has been created for constituting a relay with our partners, and transparent showcase of our Company and means of pharmacovigilance and space for listening to our customers.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and help us make improvements to better serve your needs.