ATLAS VETERINAIRE was created in 1998 over a surface area of 5000m2 arranged to accommodate several spaces including:

  • Raw materials and packaging shop
  • Finished product shop.
  • Administrative office.
  • Laboratory.
  • 2 “liquid” production rooms fitted out with the requisite machines.
  • 2 “powder” rooms fitted out with the requisite machines.
  • Air conditioning station.
  • Water treatment station.
  • 1 Canteen.

The year 2000 saw the start up of activities of ATLAS VETERINAIRE via the output of 4 types of veterinary medicine involving the intervention of top experts.

After 4 years of considerable efforts in 2009 VETERINAIRE was awarded the “BPF certificate for quality (Good Manufacturing Practices) », granted by the ministries of health and agriculture. This certificate was obtained after verification by several mixed inspection visits on the application of technical procedures and good manufacturing processes in compliance with European standards.

Late 2010, was the year of huge investment at Atlas Vétérinaire, in conjunction with extensive expenditures invested to modernize its equipment. This led to the acquisition of new entirely automatic production lines for “liquid” products.  This had a positive impact on the daily output capacity with an increase to 4000L per day and from 2000L to 6000L:

Henceforth and after some ten years of activity output reached 50 products dealing with several types of animal (poultry, ovines, equidae, etc).