Certification EN

Atlas Vétérinaire has been certified by the Competent National Authorities in compliance with  « good manufacturing practices » since 2009 afterwards further to several visits for inspection, audits and follow-up conduced by mixed commissions of the Ministry of  Health, Agriculture and Maritime Fishing.

This result is the outcome of the huge efforts set forth with regard to the commitments of our Company for adherence to the standards and regulatory requirement making it possible guarantee a product meeting the needs of customer in terms of quality, efficiency, security, availability and delivery deadlines.

Indeed, BPF certification was issued by public Administration to Atlas only after having checked compliance will all its activities according to all chapters of the BPF standards, i.e.:

At the level of quality management:
Atlas Vétérinaire has set up a reliable and efficient system of pharmaceutical quality assurance implicating active participation of the managers and personnel of its various services.

At level of personnel:
Atlas Vétérinaire benefits from sufficient personnel with the right skills and qualifications required and well aware of its obligations and responsibilities to meet the requirements of quality assurance.
In addition to high level external expertise, our Company has 50 persons including:

  • 4 veterinarians;
  • 1 pharmacist;
  • 3 managers with masters in chemistry;
  • 6 sales reps:
  • Accounting, finance, stock management and maintenance managers;
  • Manufacturing personnel

An annual in-services training plan is implemented internally and externally.

At level of premises and equipment:
The premises and equipment is designed, adapted and maintained to suit de various manufacturing, distribution, control storage operation.
The flows of personnel and materials are organized so as to avoid crossing and contamination.
The premises and equipment for operations essential to product quality are calibrated, checked and qualified on a regular basis.

At level of documentary management:
Atlas Vétérinaire has set up a documentary system managed so as to guarantee traceability and minimize the risk of error. It is reviewed on a regular basis to asses its pertinence and adequacy.
It exhaustively comprises several types of document: procedures, specifications, formulae and manufacturing instructions, analysis methods and operating instructions, etc.

At level of output:
The various steps of production are carried out according to the instructions and pre-established procedures, validated and compliant with the manufacturer file while respecting good manufacturing practices. The critical steps of production are subjected to monitoring and stringent controls.

At level of quality control:
Atlas Vétérinaire is convinced that the quality control division constitutes a key element in the company...
For this reason it has sufficient and qualified human and materials resource making it possible to guarantee reliable and precise results reflecting the true product quality and constitutes a basis for release and customer availability.

At level of customer claims and medicine recalls:
Atlas Vétérinaire has placed listening to the customer, the processing of claims and batch recalls among its top priorities. To do so, it has paid close attention to set up a system for the processing of claims for the recall of medicine batches both rapid and permanent.

Internal audits:
Our Company has underscored the importance of self-inspection (audit) and has made sure to set up an annual internal auditing program encompassing all the chapters of Good Manufacturing Practices. A list of non compliance has also been drawn along with a schedule for corrective actions.