The manufacture and distribution of generic veterinarian pharmaceuticals belonging to all pharmaceutical classes constitutes the main activity of ATLAS VETERINAIRE.
ATLAS VETERINAIRE puts out about 50 pharmaceutical specialties including 46% anti-parasite products, 29 % antibiotics and 25 % split up between anti-inflammatory items, vitamins, additives and nutritional supplements.
The ATLAS VETERINAIRE industrial site is set up over a surface area of 5000 m2 including 2200 m² of covered space. The company obtained authorization for opening of the institution on 15 February 2000 under N° 3068, and since that time it has managed to gain a high prestige image on the Moroccan market and among its foreign customers thank to the high quality of services offered.
The pharmaceutical specialties produced at the level of the ATLAS VETERINAIRE site are medicines administered orally in the form of solutions, suspensions, gels and powder.

ATLAS VETERINAIRE handles acceptance, identification, labeling and delivery of all the incoming and outgoing products. It has available a large storage area consisting of two warehouses meeting the pharmaceutical standards currently in force dedicated to raw materials, packaging item and finished products.

All the incoming products are systematically subject to a quality control authorization for all movements. Stock management is provided by dedicated personnel keeping close watch on stringent adherence to storage conditions thereby guaranteeing effective conservation of raw material and finished products.
Weighing of raw materials is accomplished in isolated air conditioned hermetically sealed premises. Each weighing room is fitted with its won equipment and all the instructions required for proper execution of this operation.

The production department is divided into two sections: powder and liquid.  In each section there are rooms specifically reserved for the preparation, mixing, distribution, labeling and packaging.
All the production premises are provided with calibrated and qualified materials and items of equipment enabling output of medicines answering to the standard and regulatory required with regard to quality and efficiency.
The physic-chemical control and microbiological laboratory is provided with equipment meeting the requirement and constraint of the work and skilled work team ensuring stringent follow-up and monitoring of all the manufacturing phases.
The maintenance division has a technical team capable of upholding efficiency of the industrial site 24/7 at the very highest level of performance.

The Atlas Vétérinaire plant also consists of:

  • A sampling unit for the conservation of raw materials sample and controlled packaging articles and finished product already being marketed on the market.
  • An air conditioning unit to provide and maintain adequate conditions of the air in the production areas.
  • A water treatment unit to produce the purified water needed for the manufacture of liquid specialties

All the manufacturing steps of ATLAS VETERINAIRE from acceptance of raw materials to dispatch of medicines answer to the requirements of good manufacturing practices:

  • The raw materials are purchased from authorized suppliers and in compliance with internal and European pharmaceutical specifications, US, BP) ;
  • Manufacturing is accomplished in compliance with the protocol declared in AMM file by duly trained and skilled personnel ;
  • Stringent checks are conducted in conjunction with acceptance operations for raw materials and packaging items during the critical phases of manufacturing and prior release of the finished products by the veterinarian in charge;
  • The storage shops has been designed and maintained as to be able to stock the items in the requisite climatic conditions in compliance with good storage and distribution practices;
  •  A procedure for the distribution of medicines is applied to guarantee a minimum level of risk to quality;
  •  The delivery of orders is handled by our own delivery people or by authorized transport companies;
  •  A recall system has been set up if it proves necessary to recall any defective batch of products;
  • Customer claims regarding marketed products are investigated to identify the measures to be taken non only for the defective product itself but also to prevent recurrence of the said defects;
  • A documentary system integrated into the Quality system has been created to ensure mastery over the various site activities. This is a system making it possible to follow each batch of medicines during manufacture and delivery. It guarantees the traceability of products from the stock of raw materials to the final stock. Furthermore, thanks to the batch file, ATLAS determines the work of each co-workers during the production cycle.

The customer portfolio of our company is diverse.  Its output addresses solely the legal assigns (private veterinarians, wholesalers and pharmacies). Our 6 sales representative spread out all across Morocco are ready to provide availability to our customers of the full ATLAS VETERINAIRE product range.
Also to be pointed out is that a large share of ATLAS, estimated at 230000 liters/year is reserved for export.
In the framework of production promotion, our company organizes seminar headed by experts in the field of veterinary pharmaceuticals.